Purchasing a Shared Ownership Property

Step by step process

  1. Call Keystart - call 1300 578 278 (1300KSTART) and speak to a loans consultant about your eligibility for a SharedStart home loan. You may be able to be pre-qualified over the phone. If you meet the pre-qualification criteria, you will receive a Home Ownership Kit from Keystart.
  2. Complete application - complete the application form inside your kit and return it to Keystart with ALL the required supporting documentation. Once Keystart receives your completed application, and provided you meet all minimum requirements, you will receive pre-approval for a SharedStart loan. At this point you will know how much Keystart is prepared to lend for you to buy your property.
  3. Pre-approval - a Keystart loans consultant will contact you to discuss your pre-approval and guide you through the formal approval process.
  4. Search for an affordable home - you are able to view available properties on this website via the Property Listing page. Contact the Housing Authority on 1300 761 885 or email to discuss the property that interests you.
  5. Formal approval - once you have found your home and a contract for the purchase of the property has been signed, Keystart can proceed with formal loan approval.
  6. Sign loan documents - once your loan is formally approved, Keystart will send your home loan documents to you. It is important you review your documents carefully to make sure you’re comfortable with the information and all of the terms and conditions. An appointment will be made for you to attend Keystart’s premises in East Perth to sign the documents. You must not sign the documents prior to attending your appointment. If you live in rural or remote WA, we understand it may not be practical to attend Keystart’s premises. Please call Keystart on 1300 578 278 (1300KSTART) to discuss your options.
  7. Settlement - Keystart will guide you on the documents required to proceed to settlement of the property. Some documents include a certificate of currency of insurance, a certificate of title and a transfer of land. Your settlement agent will assist you with this process.
  8. Move in – move in and look after yourself and your home, and budget well to manage your financial responsibilities. You will find a budget planner at to help you.

What will it cost me?

The fees and charges associated with a SharedStart loan will be notified to you by Keystart. Your settlement agent will advise of the costs associated with settlement of the property.

How do I get pre-approval? 

You can apply for pre-approval by contacting Keystart on 1300 578 278 (1300KSTART) to speak to a loan consultant.

Learn more about pre-approval from Keystart.

How do I check and view properties?

Properties offered for sale under the Shared Home Ownership scheme can be viewed on the Opening Doors website.

How do I put an offer on a property?

Once you’ve selected a property in your price band, you can submit a formal offer to the appointed real estate agent indicated on the listing.

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