METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package

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The Department of Communities is aligning its investment in social and affordable housing with METRONET to help build liveable and connected communities.

Through partnerships with the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Communities is delivering its $394 million METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package. The Package addresses the State’s need for additional social and affordable housing in locations aligned with Stage 1 of the METRONET program, and supports infill density targets. It is also assisting Communities to:

  • use housing to achieve better outcomes for individuals and families in need;
  • deliver inclusive and connected communities where people of all incomes and backgrounds have a place to call home and belong;
  • create a housing system that is more responsive to current and future needs; and
  • address the State’s aging social housing stock, changing client demographics and dwellings that are no longer suitable for client needs.

Over a four-year period, the Package will commence delivery of 1390 new homes, comprising 320 new social housing dwellings, 400 affordable homes and a further 670 homes for full market sale. This activity will support the creation of over 2000 new jobs.

Through the Package, Communities aims to develop high-density mixed-tenure projects; create unique compact urban communities on strategic sites close to METRONET stations; and develop and redevelop smaller scale sites within one kilometre of new METRONET or existing train stations.

Further information about the Package can be found in the Package brochure​.​


Several projects within the Package are underway, including but not limited to:

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