Keystart Home Loans

The Housing Authority offers a range of home ownership products through its lending provider, Keystart Home Loans. Keystart is an initiative of the State Government to assist Western Australians into affordable housing.
These loan products help eligible people to buy their own homes through low deposit loans and shared equity schemes. Specific loan assistance is available for public housing tenants, sole parents, people living with a disability and Aboriginal borrowers.

Specific information on eligibility requirements and the products available through Keystart can be obtained by contacting Keystart on 1300 578 278 or visiting their website

What is shared ownership?

To assist further with affordability, some loans include a shared ownership arrangement.
This means that the home buyer purchases a property with the Housing Authority, so there are two owners.
The objective of this arrangement is to minimise overall costs for the buyer. For example, the Housing Authority may purchase 20 per cent of the property, which means the home buyer is only responsible for total repayments on 80 per cent of the property.​​​​​​​

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