Reporting Disruptive Behaviour

While the majority of public housing tenants are considerate neighbours and respect the community in which they live, the behaviour of a small number of tenants can disturb the peace and safety of the neighbourhood.

The Housing Authority views this as a serious matter. If disruptive behaviour is not dealt with quickly it will lead to increased tension and conflict within our communities.

The Western Australian Government's Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy addressed public concern about disruptive behaviour in public housing. Under this strategy, the Housing Authority is taking stronger action for repeated instances of disruption, including evicting tenants who disregard intervention efforts and formal warnings.

Reporting complaints

The Housing Authority has streamlined the way it manages complaints and has put in place several measures to make it easier for people to raise concerns about disruptive tenants.

The Disruptive Behaviour Reporting Line can be reached to report instances of disruptive behaviour on 1300 597 076. An online disruptive behaviour reporting form is also available.

To report or request police assistance or attendance call 131 444. If urgent police assistance is required in an emergency or life-threatening situation call 000.

If there is a breach of local government by-laws, contact your local shire or council.

Complaints made about the disruptive behaviour of our tenants, other members of the household or visitors to the property will be thoroughly investigated by an officer from the local Housing Authority office or the Disruptive Behaviour Unit.

Throughout the conduct of the investigation the confidentiality of the complainant and tenant will be maintained.

What is disruptive behaviour?

The Housing Authority has defined three levels of disruptive behaviour and will respond in a fair and reasonable manner to all complaints. Once the complaint is received the Housing Authority will investigate the disruptive behaviour and when the Housing Authority is satisfied the incident occurred the Housing Authorit will take the appropriate action against the tenant.

Our response to disruptive behaviour incorporates the right balance between giving our tenants a fair go and protecting the community from unreasonable disturbance.

Dangerous Behaviour

Definition: Activities that pose a demonstrable risk to the safety or security of residents or property; or have resulted in injury to a person in the immediate vicinity and subsequent Police charges or conviction.

Response: The Housing Authority will apply to the Magistrates Court to seek the termination of the Tenancy Agreement under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

Serious Disruptive Behaviour

Definition: Activities that intentionally or recklessly cause disturbance to persons in the immediate vicinity, or which could reasonably be expected to cause concern for the safety or security of a person or their property.

Response: A strike will be issued following one incident the Housing Authority is satisfied occurred. Legal action will proceed if one subsequent incident (of similar severity) occurs within a period of 12 months.

Disruptive Behaviour

Definition: Activities that cause a nuisance, or unreasonably interfere with the peace, privacy or comfort, of persons in the immediate vicinity

Response: A strike will be issued for each incident the Housing Authority is satisfied occurred. Legal action will proceed if three strikes are issued within a period of 12 months.

Legal Proceedings

The Housing Authority is applying the strategy within current provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987. Members of the community are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their own homes and as such, consistent disruptive behaviour in public housing will not be tolerated.

Where dangerous behaviour has occurred or the final strike has been issued, the Housing Authority will seek an order from the Magistrates Court to terminate the Tenancy Agreement. This order is required to initiate a Bailiff eviction.

The decision to terminate the tenancy is exclusive to the Magistrates Court. The Housing Authority is required to prove the incidents occurred, and provide evidence in the form of eyewitness testimony.


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